12" Self-energizing Lincoln Bendix Style Hydraulic Brakes For 1928-36, 1937-48, Ford Front or Rear and 9" Ford rear ends.
                                        by MT Car Products

  Backing plate kits that will fit spindles for 1928-1948 Ford spindles, rear ends for 1928-1948 and 9" Ford rear ends.
The backing plates include the hardware, wheel cylinders, and shoes. Backing plates are available in  1 3/4" (for use with original  1936-1948 drums) or 2" shoes for use with  Lincoln style drums or Finned Buick drums.  Rear backing plate kits come with internal emergency brake mechanism and hardware.
  Please specify 2' or 1 3/4" shoes when ordering.


Front Kits                                  $400 pair
Rear Kits                                    $575 pair

*Customers with 1928-34 Spindles require adapter rings on hubs.

*Customers with Model A Banjo rear ends 1928-31 require 4 spacers (2 per side) to allow new baking plate to clear spring.

* On all spindles 1928-48 you will have to slightly modify them (by grinding ) for clearence

  Part#    Front Kit part Numbers                               Part#            Rear Kit part Numbers
1001        1937-1948 Ford spindles                                           1002/3             1928-31 & 1935-48 Stock Rear End
1004       1928-1936 Ford Spindles                                           1005/6             Ford  9" late Large Bearing rear end
                                                                                                 1007/8             Ford  9" small Bearing rear end
                                                                                                 1009/10           Ford 9" Early Large Bearing rear end
                                                                                                 1011/12          1932-1934 Ford stock rear end
        Chrome Lincoln Backing Plates
1001   Chrome Backing Plates $530 pair

             Vented Backing Plates
Includes Stainless Steel or Brass Screens and Hardware.

1001   Vented Backing Plates $500 pair

Lincoln Style Drums
Cast steel drums are fully machined. Drums have radial fins along outer lip. Casted and machined in the U.S.A.

These drums will work with MT backing plates . They come in the stock 5 on 5-1/2' BOLT PATTERN 

$135 Each

Brake Drums are also available in these bolt patterns
$145 Each

5 on 5"
5 on 4-3/4"
5 on 4-1/2"


          Model A Hydraulic Brake Conversion
MT Hydraulic conversion is an easy to install kit.  The kit comes with everything you'll need, including the necessary adapters for the conversion. The kit does not include the hydraulic brake lines and emergency brake cable, it's up to the owner to decide where to run these. You will have to slightly modify the spindles and the rear axle for the conversion to fit properly.

MT offers the Model A conversion in two variants:

Model A kit with Battery Box/Master Cylinder

Model A kit without Battery Box/Master Cylinder $2839.00

For the hydraulic lines and emergency brake cables. MT recommends contacting
Control Cables 562-949-0455

Moose Motors Obsolete Brake Parts 707-792-9985

Please note the picture to the right is the Model A kit. However, the emergency brake cables, hoses and fittings do not come with the MT kit. They are available through the above suppliers. Brake drums and shoes also come with the kit. They are not pictured here.

                                                                                                             Front Hubs and Rear Hubs
MT's new cast steel, Front and rear hubs come with all new races and studs pressed in. The fronts also come with new dust caps for the ends. They come standard Ford 5 on 5-1/2" bolt pattern

Sold each

Front        $165ea
Rear          $195ea

Also Available:
Front Outer Bearings            $16.00ea
Front Ineer Bearings             $16.00ea
Front Seal                               $6.00ea
Rear Bearings                        $36.00ea
Rear Seal                                $6.00ea
Rear Clip                                $2.00ea

Also offered is Aluminum Hubs In the Following Bolt paterns:

5 on 5"
5 on 4-3/4"
5 on 4-1/2"

$300 for a pair

                                                         Adapters and Spacers

1928-1934 Front Spindle AdaptersCustomers converting their 28-34 Fords to Hydraulic brakes, will require the use of these spindle adapter rings. These rings press onto the spindle and allow the bearing and seal to have contact with the spindle. *Please note 35-36 spindles may require these adapters*Sold as a pair$20.00 pair

                                                                                         1928-1931 Banjo Rear End Spacers

When converting your Model A Banjo rear end to MT brakes these two spacers must be used to acheive proper clearence for the brake line between the wheel cylinder and the spring perch. 

*Requires the use of longer wheel studs.

Sold Each:
Hub to Drum Spacers                      $85.00 ea
Axle to Backing Plate                      $65.00 ea

Longer Studs for Adapter              $4.00 ea

                               Wire Wheel Support Rings

The MT wire wheel support is designed to help prevent wire wheels from becoming bent, or cracked by supporting the center of the wheel. On the 1928 to 1935 Ford drums there is a raised area which provides support for there wheels. However, when converting your vehicle to hydraulic brakes, the 1940 to 1948 drums do not have the raised area for wire wheel support. This is when you'll need to run the support rings.

Part# 5000

$20.00 Each