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Ford Parts
Size 158 Murray Hose Clamps. Will open to 1-5/8"
$19.00 Box of 10ea
1937-41Ford Round Back Spindles.  $175 pr (when instock)
1946-48 Ford Square Back Spindles. $150pr (when in stock)
If out of US or shipping amount seems high Please contact me.
2"  7 degree Tie Rod End Lowering Blocks  $60pr
                1930 Model A T-Shirts
Nostalgia Sid's T-Shirts are Black with my dad's model A he built in 1946. Model A is on back, Nostalgia Sid's on left chest.  Logo by B-Scott. Shirts come in M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL Shirts are $20ea
1953 Ford Victoria 2dr Hardtop Flathead Auto $4500
1933 Ford pickup Been chopped On 46 Ford frame but have 33 Ford frame to go with it. $3850
Mullins Tear Drop Trailer No top Cover $2800
      1947 Ford T-Shirts
Nostalgis Sid's T-Shirts are Black with green print. My logo is on the back of T-Shirt. Nostalgia Sid's on left Chest. Logo by Jeff Norwell. Shirts come in M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL Shirts are $20ea
     1957 Ford / 1949 Chevy T-Shirt
Nostalgia Sid's T-Shirts are Black with with tan, red, black and grey print. Logo on back and Nostalgia Sid's on the left chest. Logo by B-Scott. Shirt comes in M, L, XXL, XXXL. Shirts are $20ea
Chevy rear end lowering block kits for 1-3/4" wide springs. Kit comes with 2ea 1-3/4" X 3" Blocks and 4ea square or round top U-bolts and 8ea nuts. Kit $75
2ea 1-3/4" X 3" Lowering blocks only for 1-3/4" wide springs. $40pr
Dropped tie rod ends for 1948-64 Ford pickups $50pr (will require shorter tie rod than stock ) New tie Rod to go with dropped tie rod ends $60 (with pinch clamps) 
New tie rod ends
Right hand thread $10ea
Left hand thread   $10ea

New tie rod with tie rod ends and pinch clamps $80 ea
Please state length or make and year of vehicle needed for.
Will custom make lengths from short to long

Posies Dual-Flex Front Lowering Springs
1947-52 Ford F-1         $375pr (u-bolts included)
1953-56 Ford  F-100    $375pr (u-bolts included)
See my Posies Spring page for other makes and models
1947-56 Ford  Front U-bolts for 1-3/4" wide springs $35 a set
1957-64 Ford  Front U-bolts for 2" wide springs $35 a set
              King Pin Sets
1937-41 Ford  Car or pickup $40 a set
1942-48 Ford Car $40 a set
1942-52 Ford F1 / F3 Pickups $40 a set
             King Pin Set
1957-64 Ford F-100 / F-250 $45 a set
1937-41 Ford spindles $175pr
Steering arms bent on 37-48 spindles for dropped axles  $75pr
1957-64 Ford F-100 spindles $50 ea or $100pr
1955-59 Chevy second series adjustable draglink $80
1941-46 & 1947-54 Chevy Tie rods For Modified Steering arms
47" Tie rod  with tie rod ends and pinch clamps $80
12" Drag Link  with tie rods ends and pinch clamps $80
1955-59 Chevy tie rod for Modified Steering Arms
 Tie rod with ends and pinch clamps $80
1941-59 Chevy Spindles Rebushed with Over Sized Bushings
Rebush your spindles with oversize OD bushing & standard kingpins to fix loose bushing in spindles $120pr (including new kingpin set)
                  Posies Chevy Dual-Flex Springs
1947-54 Chevy 1/2 ton front springs $375pr (includes u-bolts)
1955-59 Chevy 1/2 ton front springs $375pr (includes u-bolts)

  Posies Chevy Super Slide Multi-Spring Pack Rear Springs
1947-54 Chevy 1/2 ton rear springs $375pr
1955-59 Chevy 1/2 ton rear springs $375pr
                                         Skull T Shirt
Nostalgia Sid's Skull shirt has skull on back with crest on front side center. Logo by B-Scott. Comes in sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL, XXXL, XXXL. Also have some sizes of womens tanks $20 ea
Front of Tee Top left corner
Back of Tee Center
Back of Tee Center
Front of Tee Top left corner
47 Ford Tee
Skull Tee