Tim Hopkin's 1947 Chevy NAPA Truck with 4" Dropped Axle                                            
Before                                                                        After with 4" dropped axle
                           This is Coolerthanethan's 1954 Chevy truck
                        Before                                                                                       After
                        This is Mikes 1951 Chevy with 4" dropped axle. 4 spring removed on each side
My Stuff
My 1955 Mercury 2dr Hardtop  
My Dads Car

This 1930 Model A Coupe was built by my father Roy Drapal when got out of the service in 1946. He completed the build in 1955. This car has not had anything done to it since 1955. Car has 60hp flathead with 3 speed trans. Here are some of the things that was done to it: Packard dash, Grill is 2ea 1932 tops (one on top one on bottom), rear fenders are made by welding to outside halfs together, Chopped and channeled. This is a recent picture of the car.

Customers Cars/Trucks
1930 Model A Coupe
Before                                                                                     After
        This is Chuck's 1957 Ford truck with a 3" dropped axle.
My 1956 Ford F-100  Has 3" dropped axle in front, revesed eye mainleaf and a few leafs removed. Rearend has 3" dropped Posi leaf springs, front hanger moved to top of frame, 2-1/4" longer rear shackels. Tires are 600X16 Front and 700X16 Back

1959 f-100 ford panel truck
Corey Werner's
Sid's 2" dropped front axle
4.5" rev front drop mono leaf
6" rev rear mono leaf
2" tie rod drop
15x8 rev series 12 baron red rims w/ H78 3" whitewalls
front disk brake conversion
1963 289 w/ 1966 closed camber heads 2 barrel
2.5" exhaust w/ cherry bombs
                                             1957 Chevrolet C3100
                                                Lenard  Tribble's
                        3" dropped front axle, 4 leafs removed from back 
  1960 F-100. 
Joe Montesinos'
Full reversed eye mono leaf suspension.
Sid's 2 inch dropped axle.
Tie rod drops.
Original 292 yblock

                                  Before                                                                          After
                                               1955 Chevy
                                                                         Steve Priest's
                             3" dropped axle, Reversed eye main, 4" lowered rear springs

          1954 Chevy Suburban
                           Jason Fredriksson
1953 Chevy. Owner: Don Walde Location: Tacoma, WA Mods: 3" Dropped axle with mono leaf springs up front. 2" blocks and 3 leafs removed out back. 235 engine with Fentons, Smitty's, and tri-carbs.
1957 Ford  Owner: Clint Ring Location: Tulsa Ok.
3-1/2" dropped axle few leaves removed. Rear rearend flipped ontop springs Spring brackets moved to top of frame and flipped
1970 Dodge: Owner: Neil Miller  Location: Gettysburg Pa. 3" dropped axle, Axle flipped to top of springs, two leaves removed, Lowered fender lips.
1947 Ford Owner: Gary Hagget Location New Zealand
3" dropped axle. Rearend dropped by removing 2 springs and moving hangers to top of frame
1961 Ford F-100  Owner: Gary Seymour  Location: Seymour Indiana
3" drop axle
                    Before                                                                 After                                 1949 Chevy   Owner:   Jarrad Cockshoot   Location: Davenport Ia.    
4" drop axle
1953 Ford F-100 Owner: Eddie Parnell  Location: Visalia Calf.
2" dropped axle & dearched springs.
1950 Chevy Owner: Ross Collins Location: OKC OK. 4"dropped axle,   3" lowering block kit in rear,   Stock springs all the way around no springs removed. Tires are 6:00X16"
                     BEFORE                                                              AFTER
Owner: Peter Baird Location: KC Mo.
4" dropped Axle 3 leaves removed
Rear: reverse eye mono-leaf spring for 6" drop, + 3" lowering blocks.
1951 Ford F1     Owner: Eric Jeffries      Location: Warren Mi.
Front: 3" dropped axle.    Rear: Rearend flipped to top of springs.
1960 Ford F-100 Owner: Matt Lemons of lempcomotorsports.com Location: Cedar Hill Tx.
Front: 3" dropped axle one spring removed custom spring hangers. Rear: rearend flipped to top of springs & one spring removed
                      BEFORE                                                               AFTER

1949 Chevy C3100   Owner:
Hank  Front: 4"dropped axle & mono leaf springs Rear: ?
                     BEFORE                                                               AFTER
1952 Chevy  Owner:
David Alden Location: Baytown Tx. Front: Before/After: Posies Dual Flex springs  After: 3" dropped axle
                    BEFORE                                                                 AFTER
1964 Ford F-100   Owner: Arlin Location: Iowa  BEFORE/AFTER: Front: Mono leaf springs with rev. eyes Rear: Rearend on top of springs C-notched frame. AFTER: Front:  3" dropped axle.
                     BEFORE                                                               AFTER
1954 Chevy    Owner: Chris Torchchalla    Location: Colorado Springs Co. Front: 4" dropped axle Rear: Lowering blocks
                       BEFORE                                                                 AFTER
1954 Chevy C3100 
                Owner: Gary Jones              Location: Hemiston Or.
                       Front: 4" dropped axle      Rear: 3"lowering block kit
                    Before                                                                     After
1951 Chevy                 Owner: Jeff Smith                                Location: Guthrie Okla.
Front: 4" dropped axle 3 springs removed  Rear: 3" lowering blocks 3 springs removed
1951 Chevy                          Owner: Kevin Underwood                      Location: Michigan
Front: 4" dropped axle         Rear: 3" loweing blocks

1958 Ford       Owner: David Casteel        Location:  Ardmore, AL
Front: 3-1/2" dropped axle, 3"reversed eye Posie springs.
Rear: Springs pulled with air ride helper bags

1951 Chevy      Owner: Rob McCarter   Location: High Point NC.
Front: 4" dropped axle 3 springs removed, 205/70/15 tires
Rear: Blocks, no springs removed, 225/70/15 tires
1964 Ford F-100                                        Owner: Erik Jones                         Location: Bistol Tenn.
Front: 3" dropped axle and?           Rear: Rearend flip and ?
1940 Ford Coupe    Owner: Dan Alesi      Location: Lebanon, Ohio
Front: 4" stretched dropped axle
1957 Ford F-100          Owner: Con McMahon        Location: Calf.
                          3" drop and reverse eye mono leaf, flipped rear axle.
1959 F-100              Owner: Con McMahon          Location: Calf.
                   3"drop, reversed eye, removed 2 leafs ?? - flipped axle in the rear. 
1953 Ford       Owner: Rick Groeniger
                    3" dropped front axle
  1956 Chevy       Owner: Steve Fager
                            4" dropped axle
      1949 Chevy      Owner:David Nino 
                              4" dropped axle
1947 Ford Pickup with 47 car front sheet Metal
                         This is Stock heigth
Here is the 47 Ford lowered with 3" dropped axle.  Front spring main leaf eyes reversed and one spring removed. Rearend flipped to top of springs, frame c-notched and one leaf removed.
This is Shane Walkenhorst's 1966 Dodge. 3"dropped front axle and tie rod drops.  Rearend flipped to top of springs and 1" loweing block. Center Picture is stock before drop
This is Coolerthanethan's 54 Chevy Truck Revived again. Top Left: Grey when stock. Top Right: In red primer. Bottom 2 pics: Bare metal

                              Before                                                                                             After
          This is MJ McCloskey's 1946 Chevy.  3-1/2" dropped front axle.  2-1/2" drop in rear

                     Before                                                                                          After
                     Tim Cornelius"s 1945 Dodge. 3" dropped front axle and 2 leaves removed
                                Before                                                                                  After                         
                           Keven Stubblefield's 1956 Dodge with 3" dropped axle
1947 Ford
                         Before                                                                                      After
        Guy Lawyer's 1953 Chevy. Front: 4" dropped front axle.  Rearend: 3" rear drop block kit
Brandon Aitkin's 1950 Ford. 3" dropped front axle posi dual-flex springs. Rearend flipped to top of springs 2 leaves removed and C-notched frame
Boling Brother's 4" Front axle. Rearend flip to top of springs
Chuck Rice's Reo truck with 4" dropped 54 Chevy front axle
Pat Thompson  1938 Chevy Sedan  3" dropped axle 2" rear lowering blocks
My 1964 Ford  F100 Stock
My 1964 Ford F-100 With 3" dropped front axle de-arched and reversed eye springs on front. Rear: has flipped front spring hangers and reversed eye springs. Full spring pack and overloads.