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CHEVY PARTS - Modified Steering Arms, Lowering Blocks, Spindles

FORD PARTS - Drop Blocks, Tie Rod Ends, Lowering Springs

Chevy Parts

Modified Steering Arms

Modified Chevrolet Steering Arms  


Modified Steering Arms with new style ball joints
This will lower your tie rod to go under the springs
I will modify your steering arms for taper ball joints for $100
Ball joints not included.
1928-54 tie rod complete with ends and pinch claps $80 for left side to right side
1941-54 tie rod /drag link complete  $80 for pitman arm to left steering arm
1955-59 tie rod complete with ends and pinch clamps $80 for left side to right side
1955-59 tie rod /drag link complete. This is adjustable to square up steering wheel
$80 pitman arm to left steering arm.

1947-54 Chevy Rear Lowering Block Kit


1947-1954 Chevrolet Rear End Lowering block kit. Kit comes with 2ea 1-34" X 3" Blocks 4ea U-bolts and 8ea nuts.
Square top u-bolts are for original rearend. Round top u-bolts are for later model rearend.
Please state square or round top u-bolts when ordering.  Kit $75

Lowering Blocks

2ea 1-3/4" X 3" Lowering blocks only .   $40pr

Lowering Block Kit 1941-46

1941-46 Chevy pickup 3" lowering block kit for stock rear end.
Comes with 2ea 1-3/4"X3" blocks, 4ea U-bolts and 8ea nuts Kit $75

Front U-Bolts

Front U-Bolts $35 for set of 4 with 8 nuts. Please state year needed.

Chevrolet Spindles

41-59 chevy spindles

1941-59 Chevy spindles. I will fix your spindles that have wore out bushing holes.
Install new over size ID bushings for standard .866 size kingpins.
and include new kingpin set for $120 a set



2" Tie Rod Drop Blocks

These tie rod drop blocks can be used to lower your tie rod down 2" Will work with 1948 to 1964 Ford 7 degree tie rod ends.
Most commonly used on the 48-64 Ford pickups with dropped axles. $60pr

See Installation Article in Tech Articles

1-1/2" dropped tie rod ends

11/16" 7degree taper. Can be used with 1948-64 Ford dropped axles. 
Stock tie rod must be shorted when using these. $50pr New shortened tie rod $60 (with pinch clamps)

Drag Link

1957-64 Ford Draglink complete  $80

Complete Tie Rod

Complete Tie Rod for 1928-64 Fords. Please give length or model $80

Front Lowering Springs

1947-52 or 1953-56 Ford Posies Dual Flex front lowering springs. $375pr with u-bolts
1947-52 or 1953-56 Ford Posies rear super-sliders multi leaf pack $375pr (not pictured)